Scent Benefits

Scent Benefits


Awakening Scents 

We combine citrus, cucumber, sea salt, and more to create scented candles that awaken and revitalize!  

Relaxing Aromas

Looking to relax?  Our candles can help. Warm vanilla, deep spicy notes, ecualyptus and more help to put you in a pleasant, stress-free state of mind. 

Heartwarming Holiday Scents

Frozen Pine

Classic winter scent of the evergreen forest is brought to life with a combination of pine, balsam, and cypress with soft subtle sweet undertones to bring the frosted woods straight into your home.

Sugared Maple

Warmth and sweetness of holiday baking brought to life with a blend of woody pine combined with warm sugar and cinnamon balanced with soft notes of amber.

Winter Berry

A blend of bright winter berries including red currants, juniper berries, and holly berries softly resting in a nest of iced vetiver and pine.


Spiced Cider

Soft fall citrus balanced with the scent of sliced apples and peeled oranges. Deep cinnamon notes bring about the cozy warmth of a crisp fall evening.

Pumpkin Chai

Warm pumpkin to bring forth the memories of family holidays mixed with deep spicy notes to provide uplifting fatigue reducing scent perfect any day of the year.

Smooth Vanilla (Vanilla Suede) 

The sweet warm scent of vanilla mixed with musky undertones to create a soothing fragrance perfect for helping relax and release that tension after a stressful day.

Cranberry Chutney

The refreshing scent of cherries mixed with deep spicy notes will help to relieve your stressful day and as a bonus, it can help to bring forth that nighttime desire.

Caribbean Teakwood 

A mix of wood and spice scents combined with a hint of citrus notes to provide an uplifting and stress-reducing Caribbean experience to your house no matter where you are in the world.

Cool Cucumber (Cucumber & Cantaloupe) 

The fresh crisp smell of Cantaloupe and Cucumber combined to create a refreshing and uplifting scent reminiscent of warm refreshing summer days. Cucumber has also been described as a powerful aphrodisiac for women.

Sea-Salt Sunset (Sea Salt Blossom)

 The gentle scent of aquatic florals and sea moss mix with gentle musk of salt water to give you the sense of your own water garden right in your household.

Insect Bee-Gone (Citronella)

Gentle combination of citronella, lemongrass, peppermint, and eucalyptus to provide an amazing refreshing scent while naturally repelling mosquitoes and insects.

Bite Me

The scent of cherry mixed with citrus notes provides a playful and bubbly scent perfect for daytime or to bring that playful feeling to your date night.


Let the musky scent of genuine leather will fill your room with a clean familiar aroma. The scent of leather will bring your date night from laid back to exciting and fresh.

Scented candles for home and play!

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