Our Story

Our Story


“Gaia’s Light Candle Company started as a simple concept born of my husband saying with all the candles I buy, I might as well start making them!

The more I researched, the more I found the science behind candle making intriguing and my nerdy side came out. My research became more and more in-depth and I started talking to friends of mine. “Do you know how dangerous candles can be!?” Is something I kept hearing. This led me to more than just the science behind how to make a candle but how harmful paraffin wax and all the additives can be to the environment and to consumers.

So I decided then and there if I was going to make candles they would natural candles, they would not only focus on being all natural but being eco-friendly and sustainable. And the most important thing of all they had to be affordable! You shouldn’t have to go without a candle or use an inferior product because you can’t afford the best of the best. But the soft natural color of soy candles did not create the most interesting atmosphere, I love my purple after all! So I found eco-friendly safe dyes that could provide deep colors with even the smallest quantities. A lot of research and testing later I started developing my line of soy container candles”.

-Kathryn Green, Owner, Creator, Earth & Candle Lover!




For more detailed information regarding all of the products used in our candles please visit our Eco-friendly page!


Locally Made in Tampa Bay

To purchase our locally made candles, visit our contact us page to view a list of locations where all of our candles are currently being sold.