Container Candles

Container Candles

Hand-Poured & Eco-Friendly


We’ve put our hearts and souls into creating our candles with scents that will improve your mood and ease any stress you’re currently experiencing.

All Container Candles - 4 & 8 ounce sizes available

Shop our selections of uplifting and relaxing soy wax container candles. 


Cranberry Chutney

A refreshing scent of cherries mixed with deep spicy notes

Sea Salt Sunset

A gentle scent of aquatic florals and sea moss

Cool Cucumber

Awaken with the fresh crisp smell of cantaloupe and cucumber


Caribbean Teakwood

An uplifting mix of wood and spice scents combined with a hint of citrus

Smooth Vanilla

Indulge the sweet warm scent of vanilla mixed with musky undertones for a soothing fragrance

citronella candle insect bee gone

Insect Bee-Gone!

Citronella comes through to save the day and night! Our insect bee-gone container candle is the perfect compliment to patio's everywhere.

Our soy wax candles are sold in both 4 and 8 ounce sizes and come packaged within a glass jar and secure metal top.  For questions about our scents, visit our scent benefits page.  To learn more about our environmentally safe practices, check out our eco-friendly page.