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Welcome to Gaia’s Light Candle Company; your place for eco-friendly, sustainable hand-poured container and massage candles that warm up every space with their amazing scents and attractive designs. Gaia’s Light Candle Company creates our candles with our customers in mind. Because of this, we’ve priced our candles affordably with the goal of being able to bring eco-friendly candles into every home.


How are Gaia’s Light candles environmentally friendly?

We use soy wax to make all of our candles. Soy wax is a natural, renewable, and biodegradable wax that burns both cleanly and slowly. Our wicks are coreless and our fragrance oils are phthalate-free and Prop 65 compliant. Visit our eco-friendly page within our website to learn more.

What type of scents can customer’s expect to find with Gaia’s Light candles?

Our candle artisan has put a lot of time and dedication into crafting some of the most soothing, uplifting and clarifying scents for all of our candles. Our scents include citrus, vanilla, amber, berries, pumpkin, pine, coffee, and more! Our scent benefits page is a great resource to learn more about our range of scents and their positive effects.

Where are Gaia’s Light candles sold?

In time, Gaia’s Light Candle Company plans to sell both container and massage candles direct from our website. Until then, we’ve teamed up with two amazing companies in the Tampa Bay, Florida area — Speakeasy Kava and Evenstar Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine. Our candles can be purchased directly from their locations. Additionally, Gaia’s Light Candle Company plans to participate in local Tampa Bay area Indy flea markets and craft fairs. Follow our Facebook and Instagram feeds to keep up with the latest event details.

Gaia’s Light Candle Company is thrilled for the opportunity to bring eco-friendly, affordable candles to the Tampa Bay area. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you have about single or bulk quantity purchases!

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